Securing a Weird Scholarship

weird scholarships

If you’ve found an uncommon, non-standard or simply weird scholarship or grant that really captured your attention, you need to have a proper approach to the whole situation. If your desired scholarship seems weird to the general population, the last thing you want to do is to submit boring and generic application. We offer you some practical tips to keep in mind while you apply for weird scholarships.

Look for the Right Fit

Weird scholarships are awarded to smaller pool of students that possess a certain rare talent, share some uncommon passions or causes, or simply fit some other random criteria. If you want to apply for one of the weird scholarships, make sure you’re not mistaken about what they want. If you consider yourself to truly fulfill all of the requests for a weird scholarship and you’ve carefully studied all terms and conditions, proceed with your application. If you can’t comfortably say that you fit all criteria, wishful thinking won’t help you too much. It’s better to look for a better fit and save your energy for it.

Make Sure You Have a Strong Case

Anyone who decides to award a weird scholarship usually has a reason to do that, so you need to think how to use that to your advantage. Do some research about that organization and its previous winners, that can help you prepare yourself or even detect some potential suspicious activity. If a scholarship is awarded to students that have a specific hobby or interest, you’ll need to persuade the selection committee that you’ve been truly dedicated to it for as long as you can remember. If you need to write an essay for a scholarship related to animal welfare, for example, it’s better to write about how eye-opening working in an asylum was, than to write how you like puppies. It’s important that they understand that you are a worthy winner for their scholarship and not just someone who submits applications everywhere. The scholarship givers usually want to award people already interested in the cause they promote, so make sure they understand your dedication.

If your potential scholarship is awarded to people who perform some promotional activities for a certain brand, make sure you feel comfortable with that. You might decide it’s not worth your time or it’s too stressful, but it can also be a great experience. Just make sure the selection process is transparent, with defined criteria, and that you have a realistic chance to win; so you don’t end up exploited.

Don’t Skip Out on the Application Process

Just because your scholarship seems slightly odd, it doesn’t mean the application process is any less strict. You need to closely follow all the guidelines, pay attention to all deadlines and provide all documents they ask for. Just because you’re documenting something non-standard it doesn’t mean that you can look for shortcuts. If you need to provide recommendation letters, make sure to ask only the people that you can truly count on.

Ask Friends for some Advice

We suggest you ask close people in your life what their first association about you is, and what they consider as something that makes you weird. Try making a customized search using the keywords you get for them. If you apply for a weird scholarship that is the right match for you, you will write an honest application and the selection committee is likely to recognize that.